Marijuana Investing

StatCan Reveals Growing Cannabis Retail Sales Numbers 

Frequently referred to as a $5 billion industry, today’s updated marijuana retail trade numbers released through StatCan show the legal cannabis industry […] Read More»

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Australian Cannabis Industry Heating Up as Canadian Firms Pile In

Australia is rapidly emerging as another key battleground for Canadian cannabis firms that seek to dominate the burgeoning global marijuana […] Read More»


Marijuana Stocks Top TSX Venture 50 Rankings 

While major licensed producers have sought to list on international exchanges like NASDAQ or the NYSE, a sizable portion of […] Read More»

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Marijuana Stocks Capital Markets Analysis

Are the Best Returns in the Past for Marijuana Stocks? A Capital Markets Analysis

An important report answering whether marijuana capital markets have gotten ahead of fundamentals. Is there upside left in pot stocks as a whole?

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10 Steps to a Better Credit Score

Do you need to fix your credit score or just want to increase it? Learn how to get your credit fixed with these 10 steps.

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The End of U.S. Monetary Tightening a Tailwind for Emerging Markets and Gold

The past year was a disastrous year for investors in the sense that U.S. dollar cash outperformed all stock markets […] Read More»


DEL0 20081103 NEW DELHI, INDIA : Christopher Wood of CLSA, at the CLSA 2008 India Forum in New Delhi, India on Monday, 03 November, 2008.

Internationally renowned for his salient predictions of market bubbles, Chris provides global investment insights in his weekly column 'Macro Battleship'.

Millennial Markets


Intuit Beats 2018 Estimates – But is the Stock Fully Valued?

Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU) reported 2018 earings that soundly beat estimates and strong growth. But is the stock fully valued or is there room for more growth?

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TTM Technologies: Undervalued Stock Doesn’t Fear U.S.-China Trade War

A quick look at the share price of TTM Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: TTMI) would suggest that a major crisis had […] Read More»


Walmart 2019 Q4 Earnings: An E-commerce Juggernaut Emerges

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) released Q4 results that exceeded analysts expectations across the board, but will slow consumer spending overshadow its performance?

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Nvidia Q4 2019 Earnings

Nvidia Q4 2019 Earnings – Taking Advantage of Lowered Expectations

Nvidia Q4 2019 earnings showed dissapointing results but the market reacted favourably since company had already lowered expectations last month.

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Apple vs. Facebook

Apple vs. Facebook: A Battle of the Tech Titans

A battle of the tech titans is brewing after Facebook violated Apple’s developer rules by launching a research app that […] Read More»

Visa Q1 2019 Earnings

Visa Q1 2019 Earnings – Digital Payments Keep Powering Up

Highlights Earnings per share of $1.30 at a very healthy clip of 21% year-on-year for the quarter, topping analyst expectations […] Read More»

Credit Card Guides

10 Easy Steps to Ruin Your Credit Score

This guide is written as a roadmap of what not to do if you want to build, maintain or increase your credit score.

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Intro to the 2 Major Credit Scoring Models

Credit scores are determined by two different credit scoring models and run by three credit agencies. Read this intro to credit scores to learn more.

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How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money on Credit Cards?

Wondering how credit card companies make money on credit cards? We explain how credit cards came to be and why banks love them.

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4 Good Reasons Not to Have a Low Credit Score….

A low credit score can negatively impact much more than just your interest rate….

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What’s a Credit Card? Really…

New to the world of credit or are having a tough time paying off your bills? You need to read this to understand the real reason credit cards exist.

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The Best Credit Score Guide on the Internet [Updated 2019]

Your credit score explained! The most detailed guide on the internet to the most popular credit scoring model in America.

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