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Drowning in Ditch Weed, Canada’s Oversupply Endgame

Will the rollout of new cannabis products save the industry from a mounting oversupply in 2020? We dive deep to find out.

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Peloton IPO Guide – Another Hardware Fad to Add to the Trash Heap

At the end of the day, Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) is a gym membership masquerading as a technology company.

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Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat (BYND) – The Juiciest Multi-Bagger in the Stock Market

Beyond Meat’s (NASDAQ: BYND) IPO stands as one of the largest first day stock pops in recent memory and so the era of plant-based meat investing has begun.

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Aurora Needs to Come Clean Before It Can Rebound

Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) will continue to follow pot stocks lower until management does a mea-culpa and writes off assets.

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Pot Stocks: When the Bubble Bellwether Is a Fugly Duckling

Canopy Growth’s (CGC, WEED) earnings show that the potstocks bellweather is no longer leading the pack. We look at the new reality in marijuana stocks.

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Canopy Growth - marijuana

Canopy Growth Earnings are Ugly, Constellation the Bagholder to Watch

Canopy Growth (WEED, CGC) Q2 2020 earnings were a disaster. Constellation will ultimately step in to rescue Canopy, but at a much lower price than today.

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DEL0 20081103 NEW DELHI, INDIA : Christopher Wood of CLSA, at the CLSA 2008 India Forum in New Delhi, India on Monday, 03 November, 2008.

Internationally renowned for his salient predictions of market bubbles, Chris provides global investment insights in his weekly column 'Macro Battleship'.

Adobe Q2 2019 Earnings

Adobe continues to produce the goods in Q4 2019 Earnings

Strong fourth-quarter earnings results propelled Adobe Systems’ stock price (NASDAQ: ADBE) into record territory in after-hours trade on Thursday.

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Bill.com Stock

A Practical Guide to Buying Stock in Bill.com

Everything you need to know about buying stock in Bill.com. Should you buy it, at what price and does the opportunity outweigh the risk.

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Blockchain technology

MongoDB Earnings Demonstrate this Stock is a Long Term Hold

This isn’t the first time MongoDB (NASDAQ: MDB) is beating analyst estimates and it won’t be the last.

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Aurora Cannabis Backed Australis Converting to a Hemp Producer

Is this move by Aurora Cannabis (TSX: ACB) owned Australis Capital Aurora’s long rumoured move into the U.S. CBD market?

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Tilray Q1 2019 Earnings

Could Tilray’s Merger with Privateer be in Jeopardy?

Could a claim of fraudulent conveyance delay or derail the merger of Tilray and private equity owner Privateer Holdings?

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Canopy Growth to Embark on Major Cost Cutting with Appointment of New CEO

The appointment of Constellation Brand’s CFO as Chief Executive of Canopy Growth  (TSX: WEED; NYSE: CGC) signals cost cutting and profit will be the focus going forward.

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Grizzle Reel – Tesla Incels, Peloton Crazy Wife & Hairy Biden

This week we explore the wacky world of Tesla short sellers, review Peloton’s crazy wife commercial and try to make sense of Joe Biden’s magical hairy legs.

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Beyond Meat Q3 2019 Earnings – Lockup Expiry Overshadows Big Burger Beat

Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) delivered another strong quarter in the Q3 2019 results, handily beating analyst estimates. Share lockup expiry overshadows the beat.

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Visa Stock Poised for Growth on Better than Expected Earnings

Shares of Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) surged on Thursday after the company reported better than expected earnings and revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter.

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10 Easy Steps to Ruin Your Credit Score

This guide is written as a roadmap of what not to do if you want to build, maintain or increase your credit score.

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Intro to the 2 Major Credit Scoring Models

Credit scores are determined by two different credit scoring models and run by three credit agencies. Read this intro to credit scores to learn more.

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How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money on Credit Cards?

Wondering how credit card companies make money on credit cards? We explain how credit cards came to be and why banks love them.

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4 Good Reasons Not to Have a Low Credit Score….

A low credit score can negatively impact much more than just your interest rate….

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What’s a Credit Card? Really…

New to the world of credit or are having a tough time paying off your bills? You need to read this to understand the real reason credit cards exist.

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The Best Credit Score Guide on the Internet [Updated 2019]

Your credit score explained! The most detailed guide on the internet to the most popular credit scoring model in America.

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