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Why the Stock Market Rally Has Resumed and What to Expect

Strategist Christopher Wood writes about the factors involved in the resumption of the stock market rally and what we could expect to happen.

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Cannabis scorecard - best marijuana stocks

Canadian Cannabis Scorecard (Spring 2019)

Confused about which marijuana stocks are worth your money? The Canadian Cannabis Scorecard is your guide to separating the best from the worst.

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Lyft IPO

In-Depth Guide to the Lyft IPO – Transportation Disruptor or Money Pit?

With Lyft kicking off the ride-sharing IPO battle against Uber, we’ve delved into the ride-hailing business model and potential profitability for the stock.

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E-Trade Gaps Higher as Revenue Hits New High

E-Trade (NASDAQ: ETFC) gapped higher on Thursday after the discount broker reported record quarterly revenue. However, Etrade and its competitors continue to see falling commissions.

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Pinterest IPO

In-Depth Guide to the Pinterest IPO – Profitable Unicorn or Overpriced App

Grizzle dives deep on the Pinterest IPO: where the technology unicorn is winning, its risks, the fundamental valuation and how to trade the stock on day 1.

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Absolute Software (ABT): TSX Outperformer Embedded in Over 500 Million Devices

Absolute Software Corporation (TSX: ABT) was the sixth best performing stock on the TSX in 2018. Read this report to find out why it’s such a strong performer.

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KushCo Holdings Partners With Sungrown For Biodegradable Packaging

SunGrown Packaging and KushCo Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KSHB) teamed up to release a line of biodegradable and compostable packaging for cannabis products.

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Marijuana Investor Roundup: Analysis of the Week’s Most Important Events (April 20th, 2019)

A weekly review of the most important cannabis news to impact your portfolio; from the Canopy acquisition of Acreage to CBD developments and legalization.

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marijuana rolling - mj generic 10

Aurora Cannabis Launches Canada’s Top Budmaster Competition

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (TSX: ACB; NYSE: ACB) is seeking legal budtenders across Canada to test their skills and knowledge and earn the tilte Top Budmaster.

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Nike Falls on North American Growth Slowdown

Nike’s stock (NYSE: NKE) price fell as much as 4.3% on Friday, after the company reported 3rd quarter financials late on Thursday.

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YY Rockets on Solid User Growth

China’s social media streaming platform YY (NASDAQ: YY) released its 4th quarter earnings, coming in slightly ahead of analyst estimates. Read the YY stock report.

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Walmart 2019 Q4 Earnings: An E-commerce Juggernaut Emerges

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) released Q4 results that exceeded analysts expectations across the board, but will slow consumer spending overshadow its performance?

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DEL0 20081103 NEW DELHI, INDIA : Christopher Wood of CLSA, at the CLSA 2008 India Forum in New Delhi, India on Monday, 03 November, 2008.

Internationally renowned for his salient predictions of market bubbles, Chris provides global investment insights in his weekly column 'Macro Battleship'.

10 Easy Steps to Ruin Your Credit Score

This guide is written as a roadmap of what not to do if you want to build, maintain or increase your credit score.

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Intro to the 2 Major Credit Scoring Models

Credit scores are determined by two different credit scoring models and run by three credit agencies. Read this intro to credit scores to learn more.

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How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money on Credit Cards?

Wondering how credit card companies make money on credit cards? We explain how credit cards came to be and why banks love them.

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4 Good Reasons Not to Have a Low Credit Score….

A low credit score can negatively impact much more than just your interest rate….

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What’s a Credit Card? Really…

New to the world of credit or are having a tough time paying off your bills? You need to read this to understand the real reason credit cards exist.

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The Best Credit Score Guide on the Internet [Updated 2019]

Your credit score explained! The most detailed guide on the internet to the most popular credit scoring model in America.

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