Is Verano the New Must Own Cannabis Stock

Is Verano a solid addition to any Cannabis Portfolio? We’ve gone digging to find out.

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Aphria Offers Big Upside if the Tilray Deal Closes

Aphria offers 90% upside, but this return won’t come for free

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Locked & Lit: The Grizzle Cannabis Portfolio

See how Grizzle invests in the emerging cannabis industry. Our proprietary portfolio revealed.

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Internationally renowned for his salient predictions of market bubbles, Chris provides global investment insights in his weekly column 'Macro Battleship'.

Dutch Bros Coffee is Starbucks for the Next Generation

Dutch Bros is Starbucks for the next generation. Learn what it does different and more importantly what its worth.

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Weber vs Traeger: Who Makes the Best Grill and the Best Stock?

We compare and contrast Traeger and Weber to see which IPO is worth your money.

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Corsair Gaming is on the Move and You Shouldn’t be Surprised.

Corsair is running and those who followed the Stock Safari Newsletter knew to hop on board back in April.

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Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers Doesn’t Need Debt to Grow

Kim Rivers talks catalysts, why she doesn’t like debt and where future growth is going to come from in this exclusive interview.

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Marijuana Investor Roundup: Analysis of the Week’s Most Important Events (Apr 25th, 2020)

A weekly review of only the most important cannabis news to impact your portfolio

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Organigram Announces $49M At-The-Market Equity Program

As we feared and warned investors about earlier, the company has announced today that it is doing a at-the-market equity raise program valued at $49M.

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Why Compass Pathways (CMPS) is a 5-bagger: $210/share

Grizzle outlines the structural share price upside of Compass Pathways and its psilocybin drug: COMP 360 to treat depression.

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The Most Anticipated Psychedelic IPO: Compass Pathways (CMPS)

Grizzle sits down with Terry Chong (Partner, Grizzle Venture) to discuss one of the most anticipated psychedelic IPOs: Compass Pathaways

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Psychedelics: Interview with MindMed (MMED) CEO JR Rahn

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