About Us

Grizzle is ground zero for understanding the dynamics of the new economic paradigm, a world that’s bloated with debt and bombarded with technological disruption. It’s a reality that nearly all so called ‘financial experts’ choose to avoid, as the hype machine narrative for bubble assets is far sexier and easier to sell.

To float in this new reality, let alone stay ahead, requires fortitude, foresight and most of all, raw hustle. Grizzle gets you there — our team is deep and tested. We challenge convention and status quo, always.


Thomas George


Thomas has over 17 years of global institutional investment management experience. At TD Asset Management he was Director of Global Resources and lead Portfolio Manager for over $1 billion of global equities (resource and sustainability funds). Thomas is a CFA charterholder and has been featured on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, CTV, CBC and the National Post.

Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood

Chris is internationally renowned for his weekly institutional research newsletter GREED & fear. He has correctly identified all major global financial bubbles over the last 3 decades (US sub-prime crisis, Nasdaq technology bubble, Asian financial crisis, and the Japanese financial meltdown). He’s also the author of three highly acclaimed books: Boom and Bust, The Bubble Economy, and The End of Japan Inc. Since May 2019, Chris has been Global Head of Equity Strategy at Jefferies.


Scott Willis

Head of Research

Scott has over 15 years of institutional investment management experience analyzing both debt and equity securities. He has held senior investment research roles at Credit Suisse, and TD Asset Management. His core areas of investment coverage at Grizzle include marijuana, energy and technology. Scott is a CFA charterholder and has been featured on Bloomberg, CBC, CNBC and Macleans.