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We’re speaking the language of new money.

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Why Grizzle?

We’re not about taking on all kinds of unknown advertisers through a faceless advertising network. We’re committed to getting our advertisers’ messages heard.

Because of that we take a selective approach to advertising and handle advertisers directly. We don’t do programmatic sales, only direct sales, so we can ensure premium above-the-fold placement for your ads.

We get you even better viewability than that because we can directly insert your ads as images, guaranteed to bypass the dreaded ad-blocker. So if you take out an advertising campaign with us your brand is getting consistent impressions on our readers’ eyeballs.

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Targeted audience

We’ve honed our craft to make our message pop and lock into millennials minds. We know how millennials think and how to talk to them.

Grizzle is all about showing people how to handle personal finance in the new money paradigm. With an audience targeted towards North American millennials, we’re an ideal choice for connecting with this demographic.

We’re speaking the language of new money for the 21st century. Come join the conversation.

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Do you sell your ads programmatically?
We’ve chosen to take a direct sales approach because it’s better for both advertisers and readers. Advertisers get premium above-the-fold placement that ensures high viewability rates and readers only get exposed to advertisers that we support.
Do you accept guest posts?
Nope. We don’t publish sponsored posts or any other kind of advertorial. We keep our editorial space reserved for editorial and advertising for advertising—makes things better for both readers and advertisers.
Do you sell text links?
No can do hombre.
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