If you’re looking for a new job, you might want to try Canada’s marijuana industry.

That’s because the coming legalization of marijuana in Canada on October 17 is creating a flurry of new jobs in the rapidly growing recreational drug sector.

The job website Indeed recently released figures that show cannabis- and marijuana-related job searches in Canada were more than four times higher in July of this year than in the same month of 2017. The data found that marijuana-related searches increased to 26 out of every 10,000 searches from just six a year earlier.

There was a 50% jump in marijuana and cannabis-related job postings between April and May of this year.

Employers, the data found, have also been looking for more help within the expanding marijuana and cannabis industries — from retail ‘budtenders’ to production assistants, marketers, and quality assurance experts. New help-wanted ads in Canada’s marijuana sector now make up 25 out of every 10,000 new jobs on the Indeed website.

“Cannabis-related searches and job postings remain a small corner of the Canadian labour market, but they’re growing rapidly,” Indeed Economist Brendon Bernard said in a written media statement.

The economic possibilities and job-producing prospects of the cannabis industry have been rising in the lead-up to October 17, the date Canadians will be legally allowed to purchase and consume recreational marijuana and cannabis products.

The employment and financial potentials are sure to attract workers on their own, but some could also be lured by the opportunity to make a living in an industry that’s just emerging after decades of prohibition and criticism.

Searches for marijuana-related jobs in Canada spiked at the start of 2018, which coincided with media headlines about surging stock prices for several Canadian marijuana firms, the Indeed media statement said. A greater number of Canadian employers moved into hiring mode in recent months. There was a 50% jump in marijuana and cannabis-related job postings between April and May of this year.

More than half the country’s pot-related want ads were for jobs in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, which, the report notes, is also home to several major players in the marijuana sector.

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