Grizzle sat down with Mark Selby, the chairman and CEO of Canada Nickel to discuss the future of battery metals in North America.

Mr. Selby, along with other battery metals executives we spoke with is a true believer that we are headed into a supercycle for Nickel, lithium, cobalt, vanadium and other critical battery materials.

The supercycle will be driven by a 5x increase in nickel demand from the battery storage industry over the next 8 years.

As the below chart shows, though traditional Nickel demand is only growing 4%, battery demand is exploding at a 20% annual growth rate over the next eight years.

Batteries Will be a Gamechanger for Nickel Demand

Global Nickel Demand

Source: Canada Nickel

Canada Nickel Owns a Potentially World Class Nickel Asset

Canada Nickel’s flagship asset, Crawford is a world class Nickel resource anyway you look at it.

Crawford contains and estimated 3.5 million tons of nickel, making it potentially the fifth largest nickel sulfide project globally.

Crawford is a world class Nickel Asset

Canada Nickel has big plans for Crawford and with proper funding, will grow production to the point where Crawford will be the fifth largest producer globally and the second largest in North America.

Crawford Nickel Estimated production

Crawford is an impressive resource on its on but what may be even more exciting is the carbon sequestration technology the company is currently testing.

The technology, called In-Process Tailings Carbonation (IPT) injects carbon into material leftover from the processing circuit.

This process achieves net-zero carbon emmissions from Canada Nickel’s mining process and could potentially exceed the level of carbon capture required for net zero.

Mining in an environmentally friendly way is a must based on public pressure and the future economics from a regulatory perspective.

Carbon Footprint Far Lower With Canada Nickel’s New Production Standard

Sulphide Serpentine Carbon Footprint

Source: Canada Nickel

To learn more about Canada Nickel please see the company’s investor presentation HERE

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