Canada’s laws regarding marijuana use are changing, but that does not mean that universities are going to show an open mind to the use of this drug. In fact, some universities plan to put strict regulations in place to ensure that their students are not partaking in marijuana.

Below is a look at how some of Canada’s universities plan to handle marijuana use after Oct. 17.

University of Toronto

At this university, smoking marijuana in the residences will be illegal because smoking cigarettes is already not permitted on campus. Also, growing cannabis in the dorms is a strict no-no, and students who hope to have marijuana delivered through the mail can think again. That won’t be allowed on campus either.

University of Guelph

On this campus, marijuana use will only be permitted in residences. However, since smoking is not legal in these spaces, the use of marijuana through smoking is effectively banned on campus entirely. Meanwhile, marijuana in an edible form will most likely be permitted in private residences, as officials say it will be considered similar to alcohol and alcohol is currently permitted in the residences of those who are of legal age.

Queen’s University

On campus, smoking marijuana is illegal in both public and private space. However, for those of legal age in Kensington, Ont., where the campus is located, edibles and possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana will be permitted.

McGill University

It will be illegal to grow marijuana and also to consume “edibles, drinkables and topicals.” Officials say students may face disciplinary action if they’re caught violating these rules.

University of Alberta

This university has not made a definitive decision about where marijuana may be used. However, it’s possible the campus will designate some areas where marijuana can be smoked by those who are the legal age to do so.

Universities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia, where marijuana laws will be a bit less stringent, may permit use of marijuana to a greater degree as well. These areas may permit edible use more than smoking, or they may opt to go in the opposite direction with their regulations.

Meanwhile, universities like Memorial University do not plan to change their rules at all regarding marijuana use, despite the fact it will be legalized throughout the nation.

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