The impending legalization date for adult recreational marijuana usage in Canada is expected to bring an influx of new ventures across a broad range of industries.

From pharmacy chains jumping into medical and recreational sales to the opening of new dispensaries and lounges, as well as a host of connected businesses such as insurance underwriters, there’s no shortage of money-making opportunities.

One new employment opportunity, in particular, will appeal to cannabis enthusiasts, and for many may be the dream part-time job.

Competition for the limited number of positions is fierce, with an estimated 20,000 applications already received.

Toronto-based company AHLOT is currently seeking a handful of people to fill the role of “cannabis curator” after the Cannabis Act officially takes effect on Oct. 17.

Five selected applicants will join the company’s Cannabis Curation Committee (CCC), which will evaluate various strains of Canadian-grown marijuana and report their findings to determine which products will be included in future cannabis sample packs.

The position pays $50 per hour, with a maximum of 16 hours per month. AHLOT advertised the position initially via Twitter with this rather tongue-in-cheek ad referencing the Devil’s Lettuce and Jazz Cabbage:

Interested Canadian citizens 19 and older can apply via email at the aptly titled site Applicants will need to already have a working knowledge of marijuana and be ready to offer insights into the effects of various strains. An excerpt from the job posting outlines the position’s responsibilities:

“Chosen candidates will be required to provide feedback on cannabis strains on a regular basis, and report their findings via an online form. In addition to this core responsibility, CCC members may be asked to participate in other activities, such as writing social media posts, appearing in video segments pertaining to the curation role (solo and with other CCC members), and personal appearances at AHLOT events. The CCC member role is a part-time endeavour and does not require leaving one’s current employment.”

Competition for the limited number of positions is fierce, with an estimated 20,000 applications already received.

In a statement to Global News, AHLOT vice-president Martin Strazovec commented, “We’ve been receiving, believe it or not, one applicant a minute since we launched.”

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