Cannabis products are available in numerous forms, providing opportunity for stocking stuffers to under-the-tree gifts this year. A growing trend is developing, with many people opting for gifts that involve cannabis, and vendors are playing up the option.

The potential to help resolve some serious illnesses that impede daily life, like epilepsy, and chronic pain, make cannabis a useful gift that also will appeal to the recipient. It provides relaxation and helps depression and anxiety, which become more prevalent during the holiday season.

Gifts for the 2018 holiday season include options like gumdrops that taste like mango chili for human recipients and various treats and treatments for the furry family members. Both of these options are well on their way to contributing to the growing cannabis industry, where revenue could be as high as $22 billion across the U.S.

The appeal to consumers comes despite the fact that certain concerns remain, such as whether a cannabis-infused product should be considered food, drug, dietary supplement, or even a cosmetic. This confusion is rampant, keeping regulation boards on their toes as they attempt to address and resolve confusions and clarify product details with specific packaging requirements, such as those released recently by the state of Washington.

Consumers, however, seem to have little concern about the confusion, flocking to vendors and buying items to add to the holiday gift pile. Recipients over the age of 21 will be seeing a variety of offerings under the torn wrapping paper, including tinctures and oils for topical application.

There are even products hitting the market that are ideal for a more sophisticated holiday gift, including trips to restaurants for a cannabis-infused meal for Arizona residents, cannabis-infused catering that can come to the recipient and high-quality chocolates for Chicagoans, which can be purchased infused with either 50 mg or 100 mg dosage levels.

In San Francisco, while chefs are perfecting glazes for the holiday meal, others have addressed the dessert portion of the day’s culinary festivities with cannabis-infused marshmallows.

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