With recreational marijuana use becoming more accepted and laws changing across the United States to reflect this change, the perception of creating your own marijuana edibles is also more accepted. In this light, one restaurant in Baltimore County, Maryland is offering classes to interested consumers on the best ways to create marijuana edibles on one’s own.

Saucier Willy is owned by Will and Gwenelle Parks, a couple that both hold medical cannabis licenses. Their goal is to introduce their classes to new recipes, although the cooking that is done at the class does not include the key ingredient.

The Parks duo specializes in creating sauces, syrups, and seasonings that utilize locally grown products. The branch out to cannabis is a recent move, one that has been favourably received. Some of the six classes the couple has organized and taught since July were sold out events.

Ingesting cannabis provides relief for longer periods. The digestion takes longer than other methods of utilizing marijuana. The Parks work to share these benefits with consumers of all ages, ethnicities, and pain levels.

The Parks also hope to change the perception of edibles, from the current stereotype of tools for those who enjoy marijuana recreationally to one of helping those in chronic pain find a longer, more balanced period of relief from various conditions.

Along those lines, a primary focus during classes is the dosing of the marijuana. This is key to successful pain management and helps patients avoid overuse.

The classes do include warnings on the symptoms of abuse, which can range from forgetful episodes to hallucination. Rare occurrences of psychotic episodes have been reported as well, although the chances of that are not overly concerning for the average user.

The Saucier Willy website has a dosing calendar available, and it provides access to recipes and important information. Class participants also take home a packet of information on recipes to improve access and make it as easy as possible to accomplish the goal of safer medicating.

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