Current polls show that roughly two-thirds of Americans are open to marijuana legalization. Most Americans believe that CBD and cannabis are effective treatments for chronic pain and related issues with medical ailments, leading to a greater openness to medical marijuana use.

For Green Growth Brands, a company focused on providing customers with an experience that fosters love of CBD and improved customer wellness, now is the ideal time to expand into markets that would have been unheard of as recently as five years ago. The brand is setting up agreements and creating storefronts and kiosks in shopping malls in states where marijuana use is legal.

The plan is for Green Growth Brands to open either kiosks or storefronts in 100 shopping centres across the U.S. The locations will sell Seventh Sense CBD personal care products, with hemp-derived CBD as its base.

The main agreement is with Simon Property Group Inc., who own 95 shopping malls across the U.S. The agreements will include 108 locations by the time all are finalized. Each location will sell products that are based on CBD oil and focus on topical beauty treatments. The cost ranges from $19 to $29 for the product line that will be available.

Already, Green Growth Brands has opened three storefronts in three different states, each in a shopping mall setting. While these storefronts are opening, the brand management officials have numerous other agreements underway, with different timelines expected for the stores those agreements represent.

The move is one that is likely to see a lot of emulation, particularly with several more states poised to legalize recreational use of marijuana at some point in 2019. These states will also then allow for innovative marketing lines like beauty products or infused edibles to grow and thrive in storefronts in a shopping environment.

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