The Cannabition museum opened in late September 2018 at the Neonopolis in Downtown Las Vegas. The museum offers several exhibits, with a 24-foot bong as a main focal point.

The museum celebrates the rise of cannabis culture, although cannabis cannot be consumed on-site. The 10,500-square foot museum is a welcome new destination, since the recreational use of cannabis was legalized in Nevada in 2017 and has been legalized in a total of 10 states and the District of Columbia currently.

The intent of the museum is to blend entertainment and education, providing visitors with an enjoyable experience that also provides some enlightenment on the progress of marijuana throughout the years. One main focus of the museum is the opportunity to share with others, as there are various spots throughout the museum to share your experience through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Among the 12 exhibits in the museum is a harvest area with seven-foot tall buds and photorealistic plants, where visitors can feel they are part of the harvest as the THC. These plants were created by a group that creates effects and props for movies.

Meanwhile, other tributes are on site that bring to mind Alice in Wonderland, edibles, and historic greats like Hunter S. Thompson. These range from artistic pieces to Thompson’s personal car, on loan from his widow. The exhibits are meant to provide inspiration and educate, all while allowing those present to socialize and compare mental notes on the experience. The exhibit currently hosts 100 to 200 people per day, and is capable of holding a maximum of 700 people at once.

Another interesting feature of the museum is that plans exist to change and develop the space, making it an experience that could be different for visitors who stop by more than once. The museum founder, JJ Walker, explained the museum is intended as an immersive art exhibition where people can find plenty of opportunity for entertainment, some for education and a lot to talk about at a later time with others who enjoy the cannabis culture.

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