Looking to expand awareness about medical uses for cannabis and help potential patients navigate the registration process, CannTrust Holdings Inc. (TSX: TRST; NYSE: CTST) just launched a new web portal for Ontario residents. 

That portal was launched in conjunction with online pharmacy resource Well.ca and nurse practitioner-led clinic O Cannabis. 

Currently restricted to potential patients in Ontario, CannTrust and Well.ca stated the service is expected to roll out for more provinces in the near future. For now, interested Ontario residents can set up a video consultation with a nurse at this location. 

According to a recent StatCan report on cannabis usage, the top factor any cannabis buyer considered was quality and safety before making a purchase, followed by lowest price, and then accessibility such as the option to order online. 

Citing that report, CannTrust Chief Executive Officer Peter Aceto stated that this telemedicine team up with Well.ca and O Cannabis aims to address the safety and accessibility issues brought up by potential customers. Aceto further commented: 

Our goal is that every Canadian has access to credible, balanced information and advice about medical cannabis. At CannTrust, the medical market has always been our primary focus and this relationship with Well.ca further establishes our commitment to leading innovation and our belief in the powerful medicinal value of cannabis.

Well.ca Chief Executive Officer Rebecca McKillican echoed those comments, stating the online pharmacy seeks to expand clinical knowledge among patients and customers about the benefits of cannabis. A wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Canada, Well.ca provides fitness, diet, skin care, and health products, with a focus on green and natural branding. 

In other recent CannTrust news, the company has hit several milestones and made a number of major announcements lately, starting with officially listing on the New York Stock Exchange at the end of February. 

Last month, the company received a license amendment from Health Canada for utilizing additional grow space at a Pelham, Ontario-based cultivation facility. That location is now being expanded with another phase of construction set to run through the end of 2020. 

Finally, CannTrust just added to its senior management team by creating the new role of Chief Medical Officer, which will be filled by Dr. Len Walt, formerly Head of Medical Affairs at Sobi Inc. and Medical Director at Biogen Canada. 

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