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FileCoin – Coin Review

Filecoin wants to use the power of the blockchain to build a decentralized file storage service using free space on computer hard drives around the world. The idea is backed by prominent venture capitalists and run by a team at the forefront of blockchain technology who have a stellar track record.... Read More»

Bitcoin – Coin Review

Bitcoin (BTC) is the ‘original’ cryptocurrency and has become the torchbearer and de-facto comparator for all other digital crypto assets. Bitcoin has rapidly penetrated the popular lexicon unlike any other new technology. Beyond its popularity and price appreciation, there are fundamental aspects of Bitcoin, the underlying technology and the infrastructure that support the Bitcoin ecosystem, which have the potential to drastically disrupt many areas of modern life, predominantly the storage of economic value.... Read More»

Ripple XRP – Coin Review

While Ripple is certainly not a cryptocurrency for the decentralization purist, we believe owning XRP in a diversified crypto basket would be prudent.... Read More»