Chase Slate Credit Card Review [Updated 2019]



With low fees and and a long period of low interest charges, the Chase Slate is a credit card that should appeal to people looking to consolidate their debt and get out of the red faster.

At first glance, the Chase Slate credit card may seem pretty basic. It’s an old school card with seemingly few bells and whistles beyond having minimal fees and low interest rates. But that is exactly the point.

Far from being a reward-focused card, the Chase Slate is targeted at people who want to hammer down their debt as quickly as possible. And if you’re looking to cut out the fees and interest you’re paying on other credit cards in your wallet, you should seriously consider the Chase Slate.


  • 0% APR period of 15 months
  • No balance transfer fee within first 60 days
  • No annual fee


  • No rewards or signup bonus
  • Need a credit score of 700 to qualify


Unlike most credit cards on the market today, the Chase Slate does not offer a sign-up bonus. None. You won’t get any points or rewards simply for choosing this credit card.

What you will get is no fee charged on balance transfers made within the first 60 days after you open your account. This means that you can transfer debt from other credit cards and bank accounts to the Chase Slate card at no cost. This is a valuable feature given that most credit cards charge 3% to 5% on any transfers regardless of the dollar amount.

Balance transfer are limited to the lower of $15,000 or your credit limit on the card. So if your credit limit is $5,000 but you have $10,000 of debt on other cards you won’t be able to transfer all of that debt over.

But be sure and act quickly as after the initial 60 days, the Chase Slate charges 5% of the amount transferred or $5, whichever is greater, on any and all balance transfers.

Another impressive feature of the Chase Slate card is that it provides cardholders with an introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 0% on all purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. That means you can spend over a year paying down debt on the Chase Slate without incurring any interest charges.

This too should appeal to people eager to see their debt dwindle to $0. But again, act with haste and take advantage of the 0% APR because once 15 months has passed, you’ll be charged an APR of 16.99% – 25.74% variable, which means that the interest rate could change at Chase’s discretion.

Keep in mind that you’ll need good credit to both get the lower APR rate and to qualify for the Chase Slate card.  The minimum credit score of 700 means not everyone can get their hands on this particular credit card.



The good news on fees is that there are none with the Chase Slate card. And, unlike many other cards, the $0 annual fee does not just apply for the first year you own the Chase Slate. You’ll never have to pay an annual fee just for the privilege of using this credit card. This is another way in which the Chase Slate saves people money and helps them to effectively manage their debt.

Also, there’s no penalty APR should you make a late payment on this credit card. Chase will not raise your interest rate if you make a late payment. This is comforting to know and differs from many other cards that significantly raise the interest rate you’re charged should you miss a payment or be late in making one.


As mentioned, the Chase Slate charges 0% APR on all purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months, which allows people to not worry about interest charges for over a year. But once that introductory rate expires, people will face APR of 16.99% to 25.74% variable, which is a little higher than many other credit cards that offer APR as low as 13%.

Also, the APR is variable, which means it could fluctuate with the prime lending rate or at the card issuer’s discretion. It’s therefore key for people to take advantage of the 0% APR that’s offered in the first 15 months before the higher APR kicks in.


While there aren’t a lot of features with the Chase Slate, the card does have a few additional benefits. These include covering your new purchases for 120 days against damage or theft up to $500 per claim and $50,000 per account.

Also, Chase Slate cardholders are eligible for extensions on warranties for purchases made with the credit card. And, you can check your FICO score monthly for free with the Chase Slate.


The Chase Slate is a meat and potatoes credit card that has a singular focus: helping people pay down debt. If you want to collect rewards points, then this is not the card for you.

Also, a reminder that you have to prequalify for the Chase Slate card. People with terrible credit scores need not apply.


The one credit card that outdoes the Chase Slate in some respects is the Citi Simplicity. With the tagline: “No Late Fees Ever,” the Citi Simplicity card is also aimed at people who are looking to get control of their debt.

It offers 0% APR on purchases for 12 months, slightly shorter than the Chase Slate 15 month intro period on purchases. However, for balance transfers the Citi Simplicity offers a longer into APR of 0% for 21 months. The APR after the intro periods on the Citi Simplicity is  16.24% – 26.24% variable, which is also slightly lower than the APR on the Chase Slate.

Also, there are no late fees or a penalty APR ever, and the Citi Simplicity has a $0 annual fee. As with the Chase Slate, the Citi Simplicity card has no rewards program.


If being debt-free is your goal, then the Chase Slate can help. It’s one of the best credit cards on the market to help people consolidate and refinance their debt. Low interest rates coupled with $0 balance transfer fees and $0 annual fees can get you off to a good start in paying down your debt. Just don’t expect to use this card to acquire rewards points.

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