Weed-loving parents from Baltimore whipped up a Twitter storm this week by naming their second born child Indica.

They already had a daughter called SaTiva, and now they have both cannabis categories covered. Uncle Fred Quinn proudly announced the new arrival on Twitter and his post quickly racked up more than 90,000 likes from the cannabis community.

The new baby’s full name is Indica Akili Jean Quin-Groce. Her father, Victor Groce, is a passionate marijuana legalization advocate and he was responsible for the names.

He believes that young children will not know what the words mean, so he hopes that bullying in school will not be “much of an issue”.

Uncle Fred said he went through a rollercoaster of emotions when he first learned that his niece was called Indica. At first he was shocked, then angry, and finally “truly humored”.

However, he does not appear to be all that close to his brother these days, as he did not even know Victor’s girlfriend was pregnant until he received a text informing him of SaTiva’s arrival.

“Oddly enough, one of my nephews was born on 4/20,” said Uncle Fred. “I guess it’s just in the stars with us.”

Something like that, Fred.

In other vaguely ridiculous cannabis-related news this week a panel in Columbus turned down a petition seeking to include being a fan of the struggling Cleveland Browns or the Cincinnati Bengals as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

The Bengals ended the regular season with the worst record in the NFL after losing 14 out of 16 games, while the Browns ended up with a pretty dismal 6-10 record.

Last month a petition suggested 28 new medical conditions that could effectively be treated by marijuana, including anxiety, depression, autism, depression, HIV/AIDS, insomnia, and “Bengals/Browns fans”.

The expert panel in Columbus was forced to genuinely study the science behind the benefits of marijuana use in relation to the condition proposed, namely supporting a terrible team. However, it decided that there was not enough scientific evidence to include then misery of being a Bengals or Browns fan on the list.

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