Cannabis-Aid helped facilitate the first-ever Commercial Cannabis Conference and Expo in Michigan, just one week before marijuana will top the ballot measures in four more states.

The conference was held Oct. 30-31, 2018, in Detroit. The show offered a preview of various products that can help facilitate better cannabis growth, while the show also made it easier to find services and connect with other vendors.

Cannabis-Aid intended for the event to break even, providing the best product at the lowest possible price. The intention of the conference was to connect parts of a widespread community and strengthen bonds to optimize potential in the future. The conference was intentionally scheduled close to the vote to provide a location where useful information could be available to reach receptive audiences.

The mission for the conference involved creating partnerships between business, industry and government, with the hope of creating a strong state-run program for the cannabis industry in Michigan.

The expo hosted various speakers, including Matthew Abel, a founding lifetime member of the Cannabis Bar Association and Cannabis Counsel member; Celeste Miranda, owner of The Cannabis Marketing Lab, a marketing professional and well-known speaker on the cannabis industry; Paul Tylenda, an attorney who has been part of the Michigan Medical Marihuana industry since its inception in 2009; and Ed Rosenthol, an author and well-known cannabis advocate and cultivation expert.

Exhibitors on hand for the inaugural event included the Cannabis Council, Cannabis Legal Group, Cannabis Property Brokers of Michigan, 420 Friendly Insurance, Cannaliary Arts, CPAMD, Fluence Bioengineering, Green Fusion LED, Fyre Cannabis Consulting, Great Lakes Natural Remedies, Growcentia, GrowFlux, Ino-Tek, the Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, SecuraTech, Panacea Payroll, The Cannabis Marketing Lab, and THC123.

More than 1,500 attendees enjoyed the two-day event, listening to speakers and viewing the various booths for information on cannabis-related growth and marketing materials.

Currently, polls show voters in Michigan are in favour of Proposal 1, which will legalize recreational marijuana use in the state. With this move, Michigan would be the first Midwest state to legalize recreational use, opening a market that would cater to people from surrounding states like Ohio and Indiana.

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