Grizzle identified Compass Pathways as our conviction call IPO, our primer laid out the opportunity (Sept 18/2020). 

The stock’s IPO price was $17 and opened at $23.40 (the price retail investors could get in at), the share price has since run to $40 – a return of 70%. No other IPO has run this hard after the initial trade, Grizzle nailed another one.

In this episode we sit down with Terry Chong (Partner, Grizzle Ventures) to outline the structural upside in Compass Pathways. We analysis the total addressable market for their psilocybin drug: COMP 360, which is used in combination psychotherapy to address treatment resistant depression.

We walk through the the valuation upside of the drug in the U.S. and globally.

About Terry Chong, CFA (Partner, Grizzle Ventures):

Terry is one of Canada’s leading experts on pharma, healthcare services and medical devices with over 25 years of experience at Canada’s leading fund managers and pension plans. Terry held fund management positions at TD, AGF, BC Pension Pan and Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan.

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