The days are winding down to election time, and Connecticut residents are concerned about potential gubernatorial candidates, particularly their stance on marijuana legalization for the state. For those concerned, there are clear indications of which direction each candidate plans to take the issue, provided they reach office.

Democratic candidate Ned Lamont is looking at dollar signs, as he considers marijuana a potential new source of state revenue. With particular attention to detail, Lamont says the move to legalize can be done effectively. He also noted that the trend in surrounding states has been to legalize, which does put some pressure on Connecticut to do the same, in order to better control the issue within the state.

Lamont is hanging hopes for budget resolution on the legalization proposal as well. His stance regarding the potential legislation is that it will become necessary since Massachusetts has crossed that divide and state residents will simply travel to the neighbouring state to procure marijuana. With legalization in Connecticut as well, the problem becomes better controlled and also provides a solution of sorts to the budget shortfall the state faces.

Republican candidate Bob Stefanowski, meanwhile, has noted public opinion and the importance of the issue – to the state’s residents. For Stefanowski, the issue is not a top 10 priority. Instead, he feels the economy should be a focus, along with other issues currently plaguing the state. However, he does not see marijuana legalization as a potential solution to the economic struggles.

With prevailing opinion across the United States in favour of legalization, Stefanowski’s failure to pay the issue appropriate attention may be the speedbump that fells his campaign efforts. Current polls show Lamont has a five-point lead in the polls, although his platform could be off-putting to some residents because he also advocates for legalizing sports betting.

The two candidates will face off in the polls in only a few short weeks. Residents will be able to better show their perspective on the marijuana legalization issue through their vote, giving the state a chance to recover from budget issues in a measurable manner or through as yet undetermined methods set forth by Stefanowski.

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