While recreational legalization efforts ramp up in the US, existing cannabis cultivation and supply companies are also eyeing increased medical access for patients. In particular, non-profit organizations and licensed producers alike are focused on the issue of veteran care. 

With those efforts in mind, Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CSE: CURA; OTCQX: CURLF) today announced a partnership with the advocacy group Veterans Cannabis Project (VCP). 

Through that partnership, Curaleaf is releasing a new line of pre-rolled cannabis products, and part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to VCP. In conjunction with the launch, Curaleaf dispensaries around the nation will also display artwork crafted by US veterans. 

Both the art installation and new pre-rolled cannabis products launched in Curaleaf’s Maryland locations this morning, with all 33 states that have approved legalized medical marijuana to follow in the weeks ahead. 

Founded by former Navy SEAL Nick Etten, Veterans Cannabis Project lobbies members of congress and promotes education initiatives regarding the use of medical marijuana. 

Despite seeing medical legalization in such a large portion of the country, the Veterans Health Administration is barred by federal law from prescribing cannabis to patients. 

Discussing the partnership and efforts to change medical cannabis laws for veterans, Curaleaf Chief Executive Officer Joseph Lusardi commented: 

We have seen first-hand the positive impact that medical cannabis can have on people’s lives. Through our initiative with the VCP, we hope to bring additional visibility to the important issue of cannabis access and help the many veterans dealing with a host of ailments such as PTSD, chronic pain, and opioid dependency gain better access to quality medical cannabis.

Aside from veteran groups, advocacy for medical marijuana has seen a sharp spike in recent years from a variety of fields. Director Spike Jonze and actor Jesse Williams recently teamed up for a pro-cannabis ad campaign earlier this year, while former NFL player Eugene Monroe has notably appeared at dispensary openings to promote medical cannabis usage. 

Curaleaf has been steadily opening new dispensaries nationwide in recent months, with the company now operating 43 separate retail sites. Last week, the company opened two new medical dispensaries in Florida, including one in Gainesville and one in Miami that notably features a drive-thru option. 

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