Curaleaf is acting on plans for expansion and revenue growth, as they celebrated the start of the new year in tandem with the opening of a dispensary in Long Island.

The company opened a fourth dispensary in New York State, located in Carle Place, Long Island. The dispensary offers numerous products for patients who are medically eligible. These are a range of products that the company offers throughout the state. Meanwhile, the location will also host marijuana education seminars and wellness programs, including Yoga classes. The facility is intended to provide a welcoming atmosphere in addition to being the physical destination for marijuana products.

Curaleaf’s mission puts patients first and foremost, with an intention to create new and better ways to access medication that are key to their comfort and relief from pain and stress. The company also works with local medical professionals to inform them of the improvement of services in their area when a new dispensary opens within a reasonable traveling distance.

Two new tinctures and a vape pen have been added to the Curaleaf product line available in New York State, providing not only easier access for patients in that geographic area but also new ways to receive the relief.

The dispensary has set reasonable hours for each day of the week and also will offer discounts to veterans and those who are covered by Medicaid.

The company has other exciting news as well, with a new location opening recently in Tampa, Fla. The efforts to provide better access to patients in Florida as well shows that Curaleaf takes their business plan seriously and is moving quickly to fulfill plans to expand their business reach.

The business location itself is a work of art, providing both comfort and expansive room for larger groups if necessary. There is a room where private consultations are offered and other areas of the building were educational programs can be held, similar to what is planned for the Long Island location.

Curaleaf covers various aspects of the marijuana industry, helping to inform and assist patients, rather than simply supply them with a specific product and rake in the revenue.

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