After signing a 5-year supply deal agreement with Aphria back in September, Toronto-based Emblem Corp. (TSXV: EMC; OTCQX: EMMBF) announced the company’s next big move is the release of a pre-dosed oil capsule.

The 10mg Emblem Oil product line will be available to assist patients in managing pain through specific dosages of high THC, high CBD, and balanced varieties.

This new pre-dosed capsule formulation arrives just a handful of weeks after the federal government’s annual 2018 cannabis survey revealed that smoking as the primary method of consuming marijuana has decreased, while edible usage is increasing.

Emblem’s President of Medical Wayne Kreppner issued a press release commenting on the new product launch:

Patients want access to medical cannabis in formats that are discreet and easy-to-use, with established dosing. The precision found in Emblem’s Oil Capsules addresses this and allows patients to easily track their medication and adjust as needed, while giving healthcare professionals another mode of administration that resembles traditional medications.

Kreppner further stated that additional dosages above 10mg will become available for patients shortly. Emblem Chief Executive Officer Nick Dean also added:

“Patient-focused treatment options are key drivers of Emblem’s innovation pipeline. As a patient-first provider, we’re continuing to develop products that meet our patients’ needs now and into the future. Accessing a variety of distribution channels is also a critical factor in our business strategy, and we are pleased to offer our medical cannabis products direct to patients through our website and soon through our supply agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart, which recently received its Federal Medical Sales License.”

Last month saw changes to the company structure at the annual shareholder meeting, with new board members Loreto Grimaldi and Connie A. Stefankiewicz replacing outgoing member Maxim Zavet and former chairman Harvey Shapiro.

Additionally, the company recruited General Counsel & Secretary Karyn Sullivan and Chief Marketing Officer Maria Guest.

Emblem Corp. also released the company’s third quarter financial results after that meeting, citing revenue of $2.3 million, which is a more than 230% increase over the previous year’s third quarter results and 50% higher than last quarter.

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