A European brand ambassador for CBD producer Kannaway has been praised for achieving sales of more than $1 million per month on the continent.

Juraj Mojzis spends his time travelling across Europe, sharing his knowledge about medicinal cannabis and selling Kannaway’s products, which include oils, creams, and edibles. He also hosts weekly webinars to spread the gospel of CBD and attends Kannaway events to recruit new clients and ambassadors.

Mojzis, who became a direct salesman after growing bored of his job at an IT firm, has now achieved “crown ambassador elite rank”. It means he is pulling in more than $1 million per month and he is the first European ambassador to do so.

“Having money is a good thing but helping many people who love you and work with you is a wonderful feeling,” said Mojzis. “Kannaway’s products are unique and I believe that everyone needs them. I get calls daily from people [about] how great our products are and they tell me their positive experiences with the products.”

Kannaway is a subsidiary of San Diego-based Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA), which also owns HempMeds and Kannalife. It has an international footprint and it was the first to market with CBD products in countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Paraguay.

It recently welcomed the legalization of hemp in the U.S. following an 80-year absence. It is one of America’s top five U.S. hemp producers, but its crops are currently just in Europe. It will now seek to begin growing hemp in the U.S., but Europe remains a key market.

It recruits freelance brand ambassadors that work on a commission and compensation basis to sell its derivatives to pharmacies and other dispensaries across the world, with active operations in Europe, North America, and South America.

Juraj is the leading advocate in Europe and he coaches fellow ambassadors on direct selling techniques, business building strategies, product information, and Kannaway’s company rules for them to maximize their chances of success. He regularly speaks at events across the continent, drumming up interest from potential clients and ambassadors, and hosts webinar training sessions in multiple languages.

“His unwavering dedication to our company mission and our international growth sets a great example,” said Kannaway chief executive Blake Schroeder.

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