Ontario-based startup Eve & Co (TSXV: EVE; OTCQB: EEVVF), a cannabis company specifically marketed towards female consumers, just completed its first ever full shipment of product to the Cannabis NL website.

The company’s gender-focused specialization represents a potentially untapped corner of the market, with studies showing that marijuana usage to combat the effects of morning sickness is increasing among pregnant women.

Eve & Co provides cannabis products through subsidiary Natural MedCo Ltd, which is licensed for fresh and dried flower sales to provincial retailers under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Natural MedCo was granted an expanded license from Health Canada to utilize additional grow space earlier this month, bumping the company’s current production area located in Middlesex County from 100,000 up to 220,000 sq. ft.

Through that subsidiary company, Eve & Co products are now available via the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation and the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation.

In a press release to investors, Eve & Co Chief Executive Officer Melinda Rombouts commented on the company milestone:

Since receiving the amendment to our license to include additional sales, we have initiated our first sales transactions and completed delivery of approximately 162,000 grams of product. We will continue to focus on harvesting weekly, B2B sales of new inventory as well as fulfillment of our provincial and export agreements.

In addition to the current greenhouse space approved by Health Canada, Eve & Co recently entered phrase 2 of a 780,000 sq. ft. expansion for additional cannabis production space.

If finished on schedule by the spring of 2019, subject to the securing of funds, the finished facility would be on par with HEXO Corp’s (TSX: HEXO) recent opening of a 1,000,000 sq. ft. grow space facility.

New grow space construction and frequent acquisitions of additional assets have been a hallmark of the industry as marijuana-based companies look forward to 2019, which will be the first full year of legalization in Canada since the Cannabis Act went into effect back in October.

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