Alberta-based in-home holistic care provider Integrative Alternative Health Services (IAHS) is gearing up to launch a line of stand-alone offices thanks to an impending deal with Global Health Clinics Ltd. (CSE: MJRX).

Global Health issued a press release revealing the company has signed a letter of intent to take over IAHS cannabis operations.

Currently, Global Health operates by generating leads for licensed cannabis producers as well as aiding individual patients in navigating the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Integrative Alternative Health Services will continue to offer in-home massage and counseling services, while Global Health will be handling the medical marijuana arm of the company.

Under the terms of the proposed deal, Global Health will open a string of offices in Central Alberta where customers can acquire the standard services of Integrative Alternative or seek cannabis support under the ACMPR.

Global Health Clinics Chief Executive Officer Terry Roycroft commented on the letter of intent:

“We are pleased to have a footprint in Alberta, which is one of the largest growing Provinces for medical marijuana use in Canada. By working together with IAHS we gain access to a whole new patient base that use a variety of treatments and services that go hand in hand with cannabis treatment.”

According to the press release from Global Health, Alberta is currently responsible for 36% of all client registrations in Canada under the ACMPR.

Roycroft went on to add, “This acquisition allows us to provide access to patients in Alberta with their ACMPR licenses and is the first of our expansion plans within the Province. The integrated health model not only allows us to support patients but give them another alternative for medical support through knowledgeable and supportive health practitioners in other fields.”

Following the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada last month and a corresponding increase in medical marijuana businesses, the medical side of the industry has also seen a bump in Canada’s southern neighbour.

Just last week, two additional US states voted to legalize medical marijuana usage, with Missouri and Utah becoming the 31st and 32nd states to legalize some form of medical cannabis.

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