Green Growth Brands (CSE: GGB; OTCQB: GGBXF) has announced progress on their next step in expanding and refining their business plan to be among the top in the marijuana distribution industry. As part of their newest efforts to reach customers, the company has opened two new stores in shopping malls, one in Tennessee and one in Indiana.

The shop in Tennessee is located at Hamilton Place in Chattanooga, Tenn. The shop operates under the Seventh Sense CBD store name and offers a variety of personal care and beauty products that are high-quality and infused with CBD.

The shop in Indiana, which also operates as a Seventh Sense CBD store, is located in Fort Wayne at Glenbrook Square.

These stores join a shop that opened in early February in Lexington, Kentucky, located at the Fayette Mall. Green Growth Brands also has recently opened an online eCommerce website,

These three storefronts are the first of many planned for locations throughout the U.S. The brand’s top officials have announced they are in discussions with numerous real estate groups and are making progress in a number of locations toward the finalization of more storefronts.

The brand’s focus is to give customers an exemplary in-store experience to ensure those customers become repeat visitors to stores and the online store, ensuring the brand’s progress toward becoming a top name in the business. Officials say the brand and product network are both growing at exponential rates.

Green Growth’s focus is on providing brands that reach the people and are emotion-driven, creating a strong love for the brand. In that vein, the company focuses on product lines and packaging that connect a customer with the product on an emotional level.

Green Growth Brands has a self-proclaimed purpose of promoting fuller lives through wellness, happiness, and health. The company brings together experts in the fields of science, art, botany, and business, as well as retailers that have countless years of experience, in order to provide their customers with products that fulfill that purpose. Their business plan to expand to shopping malls is another facet of their plan to meet customer needs.

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