With a little over a week still left in Pride month, Illinois-based Green Thumb Industries. (CSE: GTII; OTCQX: GTBIF) today announced a partnership with the GLBT Historical Society, which promotes LGBT arts and history awareness. 

In celebration of Pride Month, Green Thumb will sell rainbow-coloured Rythm vaporizer pens at select Rise and Essence branded stores in Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, and Nevada. Part of the proceeds from those sales will go directly to the GLBT Historical Society. 

Discussing the legalization of medical cannabis in California with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (known as Proposition 215), Green Thumb’s Senior VP of Marketing Kate Denton commented: 

The road to legalization was paved by activists like Harvey Milk, Dennis Peron, Gilbert Baker and many more who fought for wellness for the HIV/AIDS community in the 1990s. With their perseverance, the future of cannabis was changed with the passing of Proposition 215 and we are proud to celebrate these heroes throughout the month of June.

Since Proposition 215, which was originally brought forward by LGBT and cannabis activist Dennis Peron, medical cannabis has been legalized in 34 out of 50 U.S. states, with 11 now also allowing recreational usage. 

Aside from taking part in Pride month celebrations, Green Thumb has also continued opening new storefront locations around the country. Most recently, the company opened Rise Latrobe yesterday, which is the fifth Rise-branded site to open its doors so far in Pennsylvania. 

That location in Pittsburgh is also the first medical dispensary to become available to the public in the Latrobe area.  

An open house was just held at the site to welcome those in the state who suffer from any of the 21 qualifying medical conditions that have seen more than 100,000 patients sign up for the Pennsylvania medical cannabis program. 

In other recent company news, earlier this week Green Thumb Industries welcomed former Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Chairman and CEO Alex Yemenidjian to the company’s board of directors.  

In his new role on the board, Yemenidjian will assist Green Thumb in navigating changing cannabis regulations around the country as the company continues to grow by opening more storefronts in a variety of states.

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