With recreational marijuana now in its seventh month of being legal in Canada and legalization in America becoming more normalized, companies across the industry are banding together for a series of North American business conferences. 

CEO and founder Ben Kovler from Green Thumb Industries Inc. (CSE: GTII; OTCQX: GTBIF) will offer presentations and speak at panels for three such conferences later this month. 

First up, Kovler will speak at the Toronto Ritz Carlton for the GMP Cannabis Conference on April 16, followed by a panel appearance at the Jeffries Cannabis Summit in New York the next day. Finally, Kovler is set to answer questions on a panel in Los Angeles at the Milken Global Conference on April 30. 

This trio of appearances follows Green Thumb’s presentation at the 31st Annual ROTH Conference in California last month, which was heavily attended by companies from every sector of the cannabis market. 

Both U.S. and Canadian companies focused on either recreational or medical sales have increasingly made their presences known at business conferences on either side of the border as the industry seeks wider acceptance and legitimacy. 

Green Thumb Industries additionally released the company’s overall 2018 financial report this week. Like most licensed producers, Green Thumb Industries reported significantly higher revenues over the previous year, but with significant losses as well. 

The company’s overall revenue jumped 278% from 2017 reporting, with $62.5 million earned last year, while Green Thumb also saw a net loss of $7.7 million for 2018. 

During that time, Green Thumb Industries increased its footprint in a variety of U.S. states, with new Rise branded retail stores opening in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The company also received licensing for a cultivation facility in Maryland last year. 

Discussing the company’s 2018 milestones, Kovler commented: 

We have expanded the infrastructure for our consumer products and retail businesses to include 13 production facilities and the ability to open 88 retail locations across 12 states including pending acquisitions. At the same time, we have built an incredible team that is over 500 strong to support our strategy to distribute brands at scale.

On the Canadian side, Green Thumb began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange after a reverse takeover of Bayswater Uranium Corporation. That RTO deal and subsequent financing saw Green Thumb raising $250 in revenue. 

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