• Amazon has already proven its a winner, and is getting a huge tailwind from Covid-19.
  • Our play was ETSY Call Options. We did sell a little early because at one point they were trading at a higher multiple than Amazon – which is obviously fundamentally off.  
  • Part of the COVID-19 “Buy the Dip” portfolio. 

Amazon Earnings Results

Source: Amazon, Grizzle Estimates

  • Growth in Revenue as a % Y/Y has been increasing the last 6 months. 
  • Massive increases for a company of this size.
  • Crushed operating income estimate of 0.
  • Including the $4bn they spent on COVID-19, operating income was
  • Hedge Funds knew results were going to be good, it had a run baking in these results ahead of earnings. 
  • Guidance is above street with normalizations for covid-19 spending (~$5500MM)
  • Story: Amazon should still work right now.
  • Amazon is the only company on a re-acceleration of growth out of the mega-cap tech stock bucket.

Amazon Only Stock with Increasing Estimate Since COVID-19 Hit


3 Ways to value Amazon – EV to EBITDA, Price to Sales, Price to Earnings



  • P/E: Amazon looks ridiculously expensive, thing is Bezos makes decisions on how he spends money. Bezos chooses to re-invest most cashflow back into the company rather than paying it out to shareholders – this is good for the company’s growth and profitability long-term, but artificially reduces earnings to shareholders in the short-term. Why stock looks expensive on P/E 
  • P/S: Amazon is the cheapest – not really being valued on sales, as Amazon has the lowest margins among peers, therefore it’s invalid to use this measure to value the company. 


  • EV/EBITDA: Best measure in this situation because it looks at cash flow from core operations, Amazon trades at a good premium, justified by accelerating and faster growth than peers. Not a ridiculous multiple relative to peers.

Traditional Value Investing is out of fashion

  • Remaining value managers scared out of positions, hiding in Amazon.
  • Not smart enough to find the next $ETSY. Basically managers want to keep their jobs out of incompetence.
  • Dead Money/Old Economy stuck in the value bucket and that’s why value is underperforming. It’s not that there are value tech stocks that are underperforming. 
  • Value managers (such as Warren Buffett) missed out completely on Technology (SaaS), problem with value as a concept: you just get focused on things like “52 week low, oh there’s an opportunity here” – you miss the justified 52 week highs. 
  • Old industries dying out, new industries coming up. Your traditional value stocks are dead. Value Growth isn’t working because of that factor.


  • Energy Economy is dead, if a manager tells you in January 2020 that they were bullish on Energy, you should unfollow them because they’re clueless – same goes for if a hedge fund manager says that the world is going to need more oil/energy in 5 years, still clueless. Ignore it. Happens every cycle. There will never be a shortage in oil. 
  • US Shale will only get bigger, more and more supply. It’s a lose/lose situation for absolutely everybody. 
  • $XOM is not looking as great as tech stocks. 
  • $40/Barrel is a suicide price for oil companies – exact price that makes all companies not great, but high enough where everyone can survive, keeping supply high. 


  • 4-1 Stock Split – Take advantage of Robinhood Investors – more accessible to broader base of investors. 
  • 3Q Revenue – 59.7B – up 11% Y/Y – Impressive everything considered.
  • Blew through estimate of $52.3B. 
  • Service Revenue up 50% Y/Y – largest improvement. 

Agnico Eagle Mines $AEM 

  • Played out incredibly well since the call. 
  • Probably too late to be buying call options on it now, should only be buying call options when there’s blood in the streets, now is not that time. 
  • Buying Stock is still feasible because the risk is reduced and there is still runway on this trade. 
  • The management team has the longest proven track record of success and defensibility. 
  • EPS beat by 20%, Operating Income by 30%, Production by 8%, all good stuff. 
  • Gold Sector was down while $AEM had a comeback today. Ironclad safety trade. 
  • Credits to @BullishBearz for the early tip on the trade.
  • AEM is a AAA 5 Star gold mining company. 
  • Fund managers are not comfortable with mid/low-cap gold mining stocks, there are only 3-5 large-cap gold miners that have a solid reputation which is why all the institutional money has gone into them. 
  • $AEM should not be trading at the same Price / Cash Flow as Barrick Gold (a huge gold company that has done everything wrong in the last 10 years). The trade here is the 40-50% catch up trade – catching up to the premium it deserves relative to its peer. 
  • Dividends: AEM will be gushing FCF, high chance that they could raise their dividend. There is a massive community of income funds that need to get to safety in Canada/USA – a large-cap gold miner with high dividends is VERY attractive for income funds right now – this helps push AEM’s stock price higher. 

Looking at Sources of Information / Fundamental Research

  • Stop referring to broker research – don’t listen to any hedge funds. 
  • Learn from your past experiences, do your own due diligence. 
  • Sell-Side Research is trash because those firms need to maintain relationships with the companies they cover because those companies pay their firms through other services.
  • It is not in a sell-side firm’s best intentions to take a stance against a company. They will always put arbitrary numbers based on how the stock has done in the last quarter.
  • Only ones who talk with conviction are buy-side analysts because they have skin in the game, money on-the-line. 
  • Beauty of Financial Twitter, there are two sides to every coin and you can research both angles. 

Sentiment vs. Fundamental Research: 

  • Thomas was playing sentiment, reading what the market thinks and is going to think – really hard to do. 
  • Guided by risk management.
  • Reason why you do fundamental research – even if you’re a trader – because it puts you in the right ballpark. You’re on the right management team, right assets, it’s harder to get your trades completely wrong. 
  • The market is geared towards going long stocks. It’s expensive to short or bet against stocks. 
  • Don’t follow people who are only short investors. It’s very hard to make money off short ideas such as fraudulent companies, etc. If they don’t have a long book they aren’t real investors. 


  • Think of it as an investment toolkit, you need to use the right tool. 
  • Options can’t be used on every trade, you’ll blow your account up. 
  • Key is to stay around as long as possible, but put up real money when you have very high conviction opportunities. You have to be very patient. 
  • There is a limited number of good companies. Investors that do really well have a maximum of 30-40 stocks that they’re watching. Focus on what you’re good at and what’s working. 

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