Affiliate Marketing (Selling Bitcoin Products and Services)

You’ve probably got a fair idea on how to earn bitcoin by now. But you don’t need to earn bitcoin to make money through it. Marketing Bitcoin products and services to a growing number of audiences interested in learning more about cryptocurrency is an excellent way to earn.

Affiliate marketing has been around the web for a long time. The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is one of the longest running affiliate programs. As an affiliate you use your website to market other people’s products or services by posting links on your site to their site. If the reader clicks that link on your page and ends up making a purchase, you’re rewarded with a percentage of the purchase price.

The same idea holds true for marketing crypto-related products and services as well. Some ideas for services you can promote on your site include crypto exchanges, cloud mining, and hardware wallets.

If you’re contemplating starting up a cryptocurrency site, affiliate marketing can be mutually beneficial for both you and your readers because it delivers them quality reviews and in exchange you get affiliate commissions each time a reader makes a purchase.

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