Chronic shortages of cannabis products have plagued the Canadian marijuana industry since legalization arrived last month, with a host of new supply deals being announced on a near-daily basis.

Besides seeking new suppliers, companies have begun announcing their own internal plans to produce additional product.

Liht Cannabis Corp. (CSE: LIHT), which transitioned away from previous name Marapharm Ventures Inc. last week, just issued a statement to shareholders announcing how the company plans to overcome the challenge of cannabis shortages.

According to the statement, Liht has begun using a proprietary testing method that monitors living plants at a cellular level to improve growing conditions and increase yield. The company commented:

“Our facilities are monitored by a series of state-of-the-art computers controlling molecular and environment reading technologies that allow the operators to ‘communicate’ with the plants and control the growing conditions needed for each plant. This reduces the level of human error involved in the growing process.”

The expected result of that computer-assisted grow operation is better quality harvests with higher yield, eventually leading to more supply for the industry. Liht further commented:

“We have the ability to identify each plant genetically at a cellular level, allowing incorporation of our proprietary tamper-proof holographic labelling for each plant. As we can monitor from seed to harvest, we will have the ability to identify the most productive plants for cloning which will help us achieve manufacturing of perfected seed cells.”

The statement concluded, “This technology gives us the ability to produce mature plants, shortening cultivation cycles while producing exact replication of successful strains.”

Computer-automated growing procedures and cellular testing methods are only two practices being utilized to help deal with the lack of supply across the industry.

Companies such as Hexo have begun constructing brand new greenhouses, while Aphria recently inked deals with existing greenhouses to produce additional cannabis products. Canadian recycler Maratek also just launched a partnership with Linked Equipment to construct portable cannabis production facilities.

In related news, Liht recently announced plans to expand operations in Nevada and revealed a management shakeup in conjunction with the move away from the old Marapharm branding. Liht is now led by COO Linda Sampson and CEO Rahim Mohamed.

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