Marijuana News and Analysis - Weekly Roundup

Germany Will Disappoint Cannabis Investors

The German government is making sure the domestic cannabis market develops slowly and is taking unusual steps in the financial markets to make sure the industry isn’t able to put on too much political pressure.

German demand will likely disappoint licensed producers and investors in the next 5 years.   

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Colorado and Oregon Show the Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis Regulation

In 2017 Colorado grew 340,000 kg of legal marijuana and sold 90% of it to consumers. The black market is estimated to make up 25% of sales.

In contrast, Oregon produces 750,000 kg annually and only 30% is ever sold legally, meaning the rest is destroyed or sold on the black market, many times across state lines.

What explains this stark difference?

It all comes down to regulations.Colorado and Oregon

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Lagunitas Opens Infused Beverage Floodgates

On July 30, Heineken, through its Lagunitas beer brand, launched the first mainstream cannabis infused beer, Hi-Fi Hops and it’s flying off the shelves in California dispensaries.

Heineken may be the first, but with Molson Coors recently entering the cannabis drinks business it’s only a matter of time until your local dispensary is fully stocked with an assortment of infused and cannabis brewed beer.

Source: Lagunitas

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First Government Approved Drug Therapy Will Cost $35k

Epidiolex, the maker of the first government-approved epilepsy therapy derived from cannabis, will charge $35,000 a year for patients to take the drug, a price much higher than buying cannabis oil directly from a licensed producer.

Epidiolex is the first US-approved pharmaceutical drug made from cannabis, but will most definitely not be the last.

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Germans Can Now Buy Medical Marijuana Stocks

Clearstream, a major clearing broker for the German stock exchange, is no longer barring German investors from buying all cannabis companies. Companies involved in medical marijuana can now be purchased.

Approved Securities LINK

Restricted Securities LINK

Source: World Atlas

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Cannabis Fundraising Hits New Record So Far In 2018 

The $4.3 billion raised so far this year already surpasses the $3.5 billion raised in all of 2017. Growers and retailers represent 60% of money raised.

Forecasts expect cannabis biotech and infused product companies to be the new fundraising theme in the next 12 months.

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Marijuana Stock Performance for the Week

Marijuana stocks had a slight bounce back this week up 1.2%, but are still up only 2.5% from the yearly low they reached on July 26. Cannabis stocks are still looking for a new catalyst to raise investor expectations, but legalization alone is currently not enough.

Dilution earlier in the year from M&A and capital raises is putting some serious pressure on the stock prices of some larger producers, coupled with a risk off attitude among cannabis investors.

Market Outlook

Even with all of the positive momentum on legalization in Canada, stocks are down 7% since the recent bottom in April. Retail investors are still waiting for a rebound in stocks leading up to legalization, which could happen for a few weeks just before the October 17 legalization date with some follow through into the end of the year due to a shortage of product, but it’s looking like this is going to be a long summer of lacklustre performance.

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