Think Legalization Will Kill the Marijuana Black Market? Your Dealer has Other Ideas

Grizzle found data showing the black market is much harder to kill than the legal industry expects. Big implications for legal demand and where legal prices need to be set in Canada.

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Data from Oregon shows that selling premium marijuana won’t protect you if the market is oversupplied

This article has charts every consultant, investor and grower needs to consider. The highest quality marijuana fell only 4% less in price than the average strain. If Canada becomes oversupplied, every strain will see a big fall in price.

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US-based retailer MedMen goes public in Canada in a $1.65 billion listing riddled with red flags

Three of the most glaring concerns are a voting structure where public shareholders have only 2% of the voting power, a share structure where some shareholders could get left out of a takeover offer for the company, plus an ‘independent’ auditor that owns shares in the company making them less than independent.

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Schedule of the clauses in the marijuana legalization bill being discussed by the Senate this week

On Thursday an amendment to ban home growing and the ability to grow in your backyard were both voted down by the Senate. To see how much you would save growing your own supply check out Grizzle’s Grow Economics Tool.

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Global Marijuana stock performance for the week

Global stocks were down 2.4% for the week and have been drifting down since early April. Stocks are only 6% above the lowest level reached in 2017. With legalization of marijuana only 5 days away, the melt up investors were expecting is nowhere to be found.

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Canopy Growth subsidiary Canopy Rivers now has plans to go public

Grizzle questioned why Canopy Rivers was created by the parent at all in this reportGoing public on its own will allow Canopy Growth shareholders to see what is really going on under the curtain at Canopy Rivers.

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