Medical marijuana use and possession was legalized in Oklahoma in June, and the first seedling has officially been sold in the state. The seedling was grown and sold in Fairfax, Oklahoma. It will bud within the next month and a half to two months, and the owner will have relief on hand for medical conditions plaguing him.

For some people, this is a reality they never dreamed they would experience in their lifetime. However, it has come to pass and is welcomed with open arms. For those who struggle with chronic pain and anxiety conditions, among others, the potential benefit from legal consumption of marijuana as a treatment method is significant.

The plants are growing in the state, but that does not mean all issues are resolved. In fact, all plants must be grown within the state, since plants cannot be brought in or taken out of Oklahoma due to federal regulations.

For those who are licensed to grow medical marijuana, the maximum permitted for each grower is 12 plants, six seedlings and six adult plants. In order to be licensed, an application is required, along with payment of a $100 fee. The license is good for two years upon receipt.

By late September, the state of Oklahoma had approved 1,100 business licenses for the growth of medical marijuana. Meanwhile, 500 licenses are waiting for approval. Of those licenses, more than half are for growers, one-third are for dispensaries and around 160 are for processors.

More than 3,700 patients and 27 caregivers have also been approved for licenses, meaning they can begin growing and using marijuana for medical purposes. Applications have only been accepted since Aug. 25. However, the ballot in June specified that all applications must be processed in a two-week time frame, provided all necessary information is readily available for consideration.

The market is expected to bring in $100 million, conservatively, each year. However, as of now the only regulations in place are emergency regulations. More permanent ones are expected to be enacted within the first year, meaning a lot of changes may occur to the system and potential revenue as a result.

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