MJIC, Inc. has announced a new fully-licensed multipurpose facility located in Brisbane, Cali. The company is currently California’s top provider of fully-licensed cannabis wholesale distribution.

The new 16,000 sq. ft. facility will facilitate better distribution and accessibility for one of the largest metropolitan areas in California, namely Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

More than 50 full-time jobs will help boost the area’s economy and decrease unemployment, as the facility will handle packaging, labeling, infusion, bottling and white-labeling — all of which are intended to augment existing services provided throughout the state.

To get the facility moving forward, MJIC, Inc. received a conditional license from the city of Brisbane and temporary licenses from the State of California Bureau of Cannabis Control for distribution and non-storefront retail.

This facility is MJIC’s fourth set up in California, with two currently in operation and one, located in Long Beach, expected to be in operation later this year.

The facilities in Oakland and Coachella already provide service to the state’s residents, while further expansion and accessibility will be available once the other two facilities reach full operational status.

There is no word on plans for MJIC to expand outside of California’s state boundaries.

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