Recent polls have showed that two-thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization and the Native American faction of the U.S. population is joining the consensus.

In recent years, discussions have turned to the best ways to profit from the growing market, including moves to plan for tribal growth of marijuana.

Tribal leaders have discussed the different facets of the move, including potential dangers to cultural or political influence. The tribes have considered whether they want to invest time and effort into another “lifestyle” economy — one similar to the tobacco industry.

Another interesting piece to the cannabis puzzle is the connection between a tribal casino and marijuana. Casinos have paved the way for consideration of marijuana growth as a potential business endeavour for tribes, as it considerably improved both the social and economic facets of Native American lifestyles.

The current status of marijuana growth for Native Americans is not set in stone. For some Native Americans, the preference is for cannabis growth to be a viable small business opportunity for those who live on the reservation, while for others the support is for the economic investment and opportunity as a tribal whole.

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