While 2020 is still a little less than a year away, the plans for the presidential election are already underway. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is the first to announce a potential campaign for nomination to the presidency, and her platform clearly includes support of marijuana legalization.

Warren is planning the steps to make this goal a reality, and those include transferring over $12 million in funds from her Senate campaign to a fund for her presidential run. Meanwhile, Warren has shown an ability to adjust and adapt her marijuana policy, at least in conjunction with Massachusetts voter support.

Warren’s vote regarding the 2016 legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana was against. However, once the measure passed, Warren seemed to accept the voter support for such a move and begin to vote accordingly. Her actions since then have included the move to co-sponsor several bills that would help boost the marijuana industry in Massachusetts.

She has co-sponsored the STATES Act, a measure focused on allowing states to operate based on their laws and be protected from the fact that federal law still views marijuana as a Schedule 1 illegal drug. Warren also signed her support to the CARERS Act, which was a move to protect medical professionals in states where marijuana is legal to prescribe the treatment without any fear of prosecution.

Warren also signed letters in 2017 that showed she was concerned about federal crackdowns on states that had legalized cannabis and also a letter to Alex Azar, the nominee President Trump had lined up to head the Department of Health and Human Services. That letter encouraged the legalization of marijuana as a means to addressing the growing opioid epidemic.

She has also signed a letter in 2018 that was sent to President Trump himself, which was a request to reinstate the Cole Memo, a piece of literature intended to help clarify the best path to successful federal marijuana enforcement.

The willingness to adapt her support and focus on areas that voters feel are important means her move to run for president may well be based on a platform to federally legalize marijuana. This would garner support from a significant portion of the country’s citizens.

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