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  • Great charts showing how people who did respond to treatment with COMP 360 had a sustained improvement in mental wellbeing at least 12 weeks after treatment.
  • Governments are not putting up any roadblocks to research, they are open to the promise of psychedelic drugs.
  • Will disclose details of Phase 3 design over the summer and phase 3 scheduled to launch in the second half of 2022. Largest randomized trial ever for a psychedelic drug.
  • Landmark deal with Otsuka Pharmaceuticals – 1st of its kind in psychedelics. Otsuka pays for all costs of phase 1 of two fast acting drug families (#2+#4) and has right of first refusal to negotiate a new deal if successful in phase 1 to fund further rounds of research.
  • Otsuka did a ton of due diligence on Mindset the company and the data on family #2 and #4, should give investors confidence someone kicked the tires extensively already.
  • Strong IP drug portfolio, more interest from big pharma, Q4 2022.
  • Very active R&D pipeline, optimizing psychedelic therapy for time in clinic.
  • Capitalization – have $64 million of cash, spending around $10 million/per quarter so a solid runway into mid-2023 to generate positive early trial results.
  • Will have new data on University of Washington study (Embark) by end of 2022. Also data on study using neuroimaging helmet during treatment by end of the year.
  • 4 human studies with new data coming out by the end of the year.
  • 2 Pillar Business - HAVN Retail: Natural Products HAVN Labs: Psychedelic Extraction & Supply
  • Deal with Green Stripe Naturals to supply psychedelics to 14 cannabis dispensaries in Jamaica. Planning to supply to other islands in Caribbean as well, just the beginning.
  • Working on a project to be the first exporter of psilocybin to the UK.
  • Recent distribution deals are part of the strategy to make functional mushrooms as available as possible.
  • Focus on building revenue for the least upfront capital. Managing cashflow to extend runway.
  • Lots more expansion room in Canada for functional mushrooms before they have to think about expanding into the US.
  • A ketamine specialty company – best near-term revenue in ketamine.
  • Largest indication for products are depression and pain.
  • Creating medical delivery devices just as big an opportunity for Pharmather as clinical research of new drugs. Revenue will come faster from devices.
  • Will continue to sign partnerships as a way to extend cash runway while still keeping solid upside from product success.
  • Field Trip is now 2 entities – Reunion (drug discovery), Field Trip Health & Wellness (clinics)
  • Expansion into “at home” therapy is a game changer for conversion. Field Trip can now offer services and generate revenue from a potential customer regardless of if they live close to a treatment center. At home is also far less capital intensive and more profitable.
  • Ronan thinks at home has the potential to be bigger than clinic business.
  • Both businesses well capitalized with over $20mm raised for clinic business as part of the spinoff.
  • He believes ATAI has ownership in every promising commercially viable psychedelic drug. If they don’t own a piece, they looked at it and decided it wasn’t viable.
  • A cash war chest is key right now (Atai has $350M cash and owns a stake in Compass Pathways). The funding market is basically frozen right now so if you haven’t thought ahead to be funded for next 12 months you might be in trouble.
  • Thinks biotech sector will become one of the largest sectors over next 10 years. Breakthroughs are coming that will expand the amount of funding and revenue potential.