Current federal prohibition and the fact that marijuana is only legal for recreational use in 10 states means that so far, growers and distributors are working with basic, small operations to provide within the state where the marijuana is grown. However, as marijuana advocates turn their attention to federal law changes, the larger companies are set to dive into the deep end of marijuana marketing. As a result, premium marijuana products are growing in popularity.

Certain efforts have already been made to create niche product lines within the available market. For example, there’s a Bob Marley line of marijuana products called Marley Natural, designed to garner interest because of Marley’s well-known use of the drug during his life.

Current efforts to develop new marijuana strains are going a long way towards helping expand this approach to marijuana sales. In fact, the current trend is to prefer artisanal farms that can easily adapt their product based on market trends and change as needed.

While concerns are alive that bigger conglomerates will step in to monopolize the marijuana market, the majority of market predictions show that the small farms currently in operation can survive if they change their product goals to focus on providing for the demand of those who are connoisseurs of the marijuana market.

That isn’t to say this type of sales pitch hasn’t been put into play already. In fact, it is already possible, in addition to product lines like Marley Natural, to purchase marijuana that suits your mood. From a creativity boost to a balm for the sleepless, the market has an answer for your marijuana desires.

In fact, marijuana even has an answer for athletes who need a boost on the field. There are certain strains that provide an energy boost, rather than a sedative effect. These strains have become popular with athletes at every level, providing a welcome energy push during workout routines.

Certain strains of marijuana have shown results in helping improve activities in the bedroom, while others simply provide a boost similar to serotonin. Being happy can be achieved simply by choosing to use marijuana. The future for specialty marijuana seems to be bright.

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