The Absurdity of an Economic Lockdown into Depression

Chris discusses the absurdity of governments keeping their citizens locked down until the economy enters a depression. Chris explains why economies will be reopened more than consensus currently assumes. Increase in money supply means the end of deflation and is bullish for gold. 

Curaleaf Head Fake in Q1 Earnings

We immediately sold our entire position in Curaleaf after seeing the initial Q1 results. Then the full financials were released causing us to flip back to bullish for at least the next few months. See what scared us and why we still think the company is well positioned.

Interview With Nick Pateras of Materia Ventures

Nick is an expert on European cannabis regulations, making this a must watch interview for any investor owning cannabis stocks that target this market. He explains the current landscape and what is to come for the German market, Europe’s fastest growing opportunity among many other topics.

Hemp Excluded from Coronavirus Bailouts

This is unfortunate news for Hemp farmers, but perversely it could be good news for CBD prices. If farmers go bankrupt and take hemp supply out of the market, the supply of CBD would become more balanced with the much lower demand. However, with the recent massive harvests we’ve seen, it will take more than a year to balance the markets serious oversupply.

Lead Found in Recalled Cannabis

The cannabis industry is not doing itself any favors with consumers by cutting corners on testing and/or how they grow the plant. News releases like this hurt consumer’s trust of the legal industry and will slow the adoption of cannabis by those not already buying from the black market.

Israeli Producers Waste No Time Entering European Market

The ink is not even dry on a new law allowing cannabis exports out of Israel and already producers are gaining the necessary licenses to enter the European market, specifically Germany. Competition is heating up in Germany, likely slowing revenue growth for the Canadian producers already exporting to Germany and other EU countries.

SaaS Valuations Going Gangbusters

A nice article talking about super expensive software multiples and why investors are willing to bid these company’s up in the midst of a global pandemic and mass layoffs.

Thriva has an Interesting Take on Telehealth

lnstead of simply providing a platform for patients to meet with doctors, Thriva’s at-home blood tests are meant to improve consumer’s access to their personal health information so they can make better life choices. Allowing much more frequent access to your current health situation should be a huge advantage for consumers and Thriva management thinks they are building long term relationships with customers in the process. One company to watch.

Joe Rogan Sends Shockwaves Through World of Podcasting

Spotify looks like it got a deal with the company’s market cap jumping $3 billion on the news it signed an exclusive contract with Joe Rogan. Spotify reportedly paid Rogan $100 million so this deal looks like a home run for the streaming giant. Spotify singlehandedly legitimized the potential value of any large podcast.

Grizzle is a Buyer of Penn Gaming

Investors in Penn Gaming get the entire business of Barstool Sports thrown in for free at the current price. We love the odds that Barstool president Dave Portnoy can maximize PENN’s online gaming business for far cheaper than peers like Draft Kings.

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