Following a packed itinerary of business conferences and capital raising gatherings this past spring, the number of major live presentations from licensed cannabis producers has slowed down significantly during the summer months. 

With August coming to an end and the one-year anniversary of Canadian legalization less than two months away, major LPs are again lining up their schedules to appear on panels and give presentations. 

Today British Columbia-based Tilray Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY) announced that Chief Corporate Development Office Andrew Pucher will appear alongside company CEO Brendan Kennedy for a presentation in Boston early next month. 

The duo will speak on Sept. 5 at the Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference, placing cannabis front and centre at the annual equity research gathering. Aside from speaking presentations, the conference features one-on-one sit downs for senior management across the consumer sector. 

Natural products companies such as Hain Celestial Group Inc. (NASDAQ: HAIN) as well as the internationally known beauty supply company Avon Products Inc. (NYSE: AVP) are also among the scheduled attendees.  

While marijuana acceptance has seen a steady increase in Canada since the passage of the Cannabis Act last year, increasing visibility has been a priority for North American companies looking to move into U.S. operations. 

Cannabis usage remains illegal at the federal level in the United States, while currently 11 states allow for recreational usage and 33 have approved medical consumption with varying restrictions.  

Several additional states are expected to put legalization efforts on the ballot next year, while a variety of Democrat presidential candidates have put legalization and decriminalization on their platforms.  

Drawing additional attention to the industry’s potential revenue is seen as specifically critical on the subject of banking, which is currently a minefield for any cannabis companies doing business in the U.S. due to the continuation of federal prohibition. 

While companies such as MedMen have appealed directly to the consumer population in an effort to show that attitudes towards cannabis have changed in the United States, other producers are seeking acceptance from the greater business community. 

On that front, Tilray has previously appeared at U.S. events such as the BMO Farm To Market conference back in May, and also recently imported a bulk supply of CBD capsules for new clinical trials in New York. 

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