While direct cultivators and dispensaries have snagged most of the headlines lately, the burgeoning legal cannabis industry is kept running by entities like business-to-business infrastructure and tech company TILT Holdings (CSE: TILT; OTCMKTS: SVVTF). 

After recently expanding in Massachusetts and California, today TILT announced hitting the milestone of working with a whopping 2,000 separate brands between its three main subsidiary branches. 

That milestone arrives as TILT finalizes placing a customer relationship management software solution from Baker Technologies Inc. into the inventory management platform from Blackbird Logistics Corporation. 

Using that combined platform, Blackbird assists cannabis companies in Nevada and California to move products from cultivation sites to distribution centres, storefronts, and finally into the hands of customers and patients. 

Aside from those two subsidiaries that lean towards the software side of the industry, TILT also operates through subsidiary Jupiter Research LLC, which focuses on vaporizer hardware development and production. 

TILT’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Mark Scatterday issued this statement about celebrating that four-digit brand milestone: 

Achieving this number is a testament to TILT’s commitment to providing value to cannabis retailers through technology, hardware, and software solutions. The full integration of Baker into Blackbird provides a large-scale benefit to our wholesale and retail customers by providing them the tools to be successful in customer relations management and cannabis distribution.

While the company looks to partner with more cannabis and hemp-based CBD brands in North America and abroad, TILT also recently inked a deal with public relations firm CMW Media. 

The terms of that partnership will see CMW Media putting a spotlight on TILT’s various hardware and software solutions for cannabis businesses looking to enter the industry at scale and utilize new solutions to stay ahead of the tech curve. 

Aside from international operations in Canada, Israel, and Mexico, TILT primarily works in 33 U.S. states where cannabis has been legalized on a recreational or medicinal basis. 

Like U.S. cannabis mainstay MedMen Enterprises, TILT recently expanded with delivery service in the California market, which is seen as one of the most welcoming and lucrative of legalized states in the current marijuana climate. 

As of September, 11 states in the country have authorized the adult recreational use of cannabis products, while 33 have passed laws creating medical use guidelines. 

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