Florida-based Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE: TRUL; OTCQX: TCNNF) is bringing on two new members this week to round out the company’s upper management team. 

Today Trulieve announced Chloe Grossman will serve as Director of Corporate Growth going forward, while the Director of Wholesale position is now filled by Chris Kelly. 

That former role will focus on growing the company’s licenses for increased market penetration, with Grossman bringing experience on that front as the Managing Director for a California-based marijuana company, as well as serving as the Research Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Federal Policy Council. 

Kelly meanwhile brings a quarter of a century of experience working in the consumer packaged goods industry — including with major brand names like The Kellog Company and PepsiCo — to the new Director of Wholesale position. 

Commenting on the new additions to the company’s roster, Trulieve’s Chief Executive Officer Kim Rivers had this to say: 

We are pleased to have Chris and Chloe join our team as they bring proven track records of success across a range of industries. This additional strength to our leadership will be important during this time of rapid growth as we execute our vision of building a true cannabis brand focused on patients, while delivering profitability to shareholders.

Trulieve’s stock was up this morning as the news arrived, trading at a current price of $9.05 a share. That price still remains down from the high of $14.88 in April as the cannabis industry as a whole rode a massive downward wave this summer. 

In other recent company news, last week Trulieve announced a statewide collections drive to help victims of Hurricane Dorian. Initially expected to make landfall in Florida, the hurricane shifted paths at the last minute and caused severe devastation in the Bahamas. 

All 31 of Trulieve’s locations across the state are now accepting donations of first aid items, non-perishable food, bottled water, and baby supplies. All donations taken at company dispensaries will then be distributed through third party relief organizations to areas impacted by Dorian. 

The company just recently hit the milestone of opening store number 31 in Florida, with that latest dispensary coming online in Clearwater Beach last month. 

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