Grizzle sat down with the chairman of the largest cannabis company in North America to talk about the vast potential of this emerging growth industry. 

If you didn’t understand the upside from potstocks before, you will after watching this interview. 

Curaleaf chairman Boris Jordan is dropping industry insights you won’t find anywhere else, including why a huge regulatory catalyst could be coming within the next six months.

Topics Covered in the interview include:

  • The industry catalyst Boris thinks could happen in the next 6 months
  • Why US potstocks sold off in March
  • Why Curaleaf’s revenue growth will accelerate in 2021
  • Does Boris plan to issue more stock or debt
  • What does the perfect cannabis market look like?
  • Would US decriminalization be a good thing for potstock investors?
  • Which does Boris care about more, short term or long term stock returns.
  • and much more… 



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