A Bright Future for Domestic Lithium

According to the United States Geological Survey, the US has the fifth largest lithium resource globally.

Obviously costs play an important role as well, but starting with an abundant commodity makes the chances of financial success that much higher.

Top 10 Countries for Lithium

Clayton Valley Lithium Project

Source: USGS, Minespans

While the resource picture in America is bright, the real potential comes from an industry expectation of explosive production growth over the next 8 years.

Though the U.S. has 4% of global lithium reserves among top 10 countries, it is forecast to have 14% of production by 2030.

What this tells us is that the US will see stronger lithium demand growth than almost any other major country.

Lithium Production by Source

Source: Minespans

Location, Location, Location

Mining is a complicated business. Its hard enough to find and profitably extract commodities without having to worry about what curveballs a fickle government will throw at you next.

Steve Hanson, CEO of ACME Lithium understand this.

Steve traveled all over the world looking for the right place to mine lithium and ultimately a US address made the most sense.

Startup costs are higher in developed markets like the US, but the complete lack of political risk more than makes up for it.

Nevada has a long history of resource development and ACME has wisely chosen to own acreage in the heart of lithium country instead of taking larger risks and trying to discover an entirely new world class lithium deposit.

ACME Lithium Asset Location Map

ACME Lithium Location Map

Source: ACME Lithium

When Tesla is your Neighbor

ACME is in potentially the best zip code for lithium mining in the developed world.

Close to mining expertise, infrastructure, rail, roads power and water, Nevada has it all.

Most importantly for ACME, the countries largest source of demand, the Tesla Gigafactory is less than 200 miles away.

Elon Musk has commented that if a miner can provide him with a large, reliable supply of lithium, he will be happy to supply, large, long-term contracts in turn.

As ACME begins production of lithium brines in the years to come, it has already checked off potentially the largest unknown, a source of demand, due to the close proximity to Gigafactory 1.

The Clayton Valley Lithium Project

ACME has made another smart location decision by buying up land right next to a neighbor with a long history of lithium production.

Clayton Valley, ACME’s main property is neighbors with the Silver Peak mine run by Albermarle, the largest lithium miner in North America.

Silver Peak has been producing lithium for almost 50 years, which potentially derisks the potential of Clayton Valley.

Proximity to a producing neighbor can also pay off because important transportation and distribution infrastructure is already in place.

ACME has limited all the major risks down to one, can they find commercial quantities of lithium.

Clayton Valley Sattelite Map

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