About Us

The Language of New Money

The playbook for wealth creation is fundamentally different today. What worked for Boomers will almost certainly be a fail for Millennials.

The ethos of Grizzle is to illuminate the opportunities and challenges for the new money paradigm. Our platform tackles the three core structural realities facing the new money generation:

We’re focused on identifying opportunities and risks within this new global economic construct, from a macro ‘big picture’ perspective to actionable money-generating ideas. Our lane is wide — our coverage spans the structural risks of mounting central bank debt to the tangible cash returns of growing marijuana in legal states.

To float in this new reality, let alone stay ahead, requires fortitude, foresight and most of all, raw hustle. Grizzle gets you there, our team is deep and tested. 

Team Grizzle:

Thomas George, Lead Editor

Thomas George is the Lead Editor at Grizzle. He has over 17 years of institutional investment management experience. At TD Asset Management he was lead Portfolio Manager for the following growth equity mandates: Precious Metals, Resources, Energy and Sustainability. Thomas is a Chartered Financial Analyst and contributes the weekly column ‘The Grizzle Reel’.

Christopher Wood, Investment Strategy

Christopher Wood heads Investment Strategy at Grizzle. He’s also the Equity Strategist of Hong Kong-based CLSA Ltd. Internationally renowned for his weekly institutional research newsletter GREED & fear (in publication since 1996), Christopher is known for his salient predictions of major global financial bubbles, including the 2007 U.S. sub-prime crisis, the 2000 Nasdaq technology bubble, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, and the 1990s Japanese financial meltdown. He’s also the author of three highly acclaimed books: Boom and Bust, The Bubble Economy, and The End of Japan Inc. Christopher contributes the weekly column ‘Macro Battleship’.

Scott Willis, Investment Research

Scott Willis heads Investment Research at Grizzle. He has over 12 years of institutional investment management experience, analyzing both debt and equity securities and holds senior investment research roles at Credit Suisse,and TD Asset Management. His core areas of investment coverage at Grizzle include marijuana, cryptocurrency, and energy. Scott is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Don Weaver, Technology Research

Don Weaver heads Technology Research at Grizzle. He has over 15 years of technology, business and start-up experience focusing on software design, hardware integration and project management. Don publishes coin reviews at Grizzle, helping to bridge the gap between the technology innovation and the business case of each cryptocurrency. Don holds an MBA from HEC Paris School of Management.

James Alafriz, Creative

James Alafriz leads the Creative side at Grizzle. With more than 17 years of interactive digital media experience, he’s been creative lead for numerous advertising and marketing campaigns featuring global brands.

Kiva Bottero , Editorial and Marketing

Kiva heads Editorial and Marketing at Grizzle. He has over 10 years of web publishing experience running several highly engaging and interactive websites. Kiva has a keen interest in disruptive technologies like cryptocurrency that have the ability to truly shift the current financial paradigm.