Canopy Rivers (TSXV: RIV, OTCMRKTS: CNPOF) has posted their earnings for Q3 2020.

Revenue was $1.813M which missed analysts’ estimates of $2.4M

EPS was -$0.01 which was in-line analysts’ estimates of -$0.01

Like the cannabis industry as a whole, the stock has been absolutely hammered in the past year, currently down more than 70% since the same time last year.

How To Gamble Without Going To Las Vegas

Canopy Rivers is the venture capital division of Canopy Growth and its sole purpose is to find and fund emerging companies in the global cannabis sector and boasts familiar cannabis names like Terrascend and Biolumic in its portofolio of investments.

Venture capitalism is already a high stakes game, most companies funded by VCs fail but as the VC, when you win, you win big. This is somewhat like going to Vegas. Now, if you’re a VC in an industry that is known for being super volatile and uncertain like the cannabis industry, putting your money into such a VC is like going to Vegas and putting all your money on red.

It seems like everyday we are hearing about Canopy Rivers renegotiating the terms of a loan, or increasing its stake in a company that they previously invested in.

Full Steam Ahead For Canopy Rivers

In true venture-capitalist fashion, Canopy Rivers is not holding back when it comes to investing in new markets. According to Canopy Rivers CEO Narbe Alexandrian, the Canadian markets for cannabis is getting close to ‘maturation’. So the company is looking at opportunities overseas. A few weeks ago, we reported that Canopy Rivers Inc. had gained a permit to produce 600,000 kg of cannabis per year at a cultivation site in Sicily. The firm has a subsidiary called Canapar that operates the site in Ragusa.

It remains to be seen whether or not these ventures will bode well for Canopy Rivers in the long term. The company just needs one or two big wins on the companies that they’ve invested in but so far they haven’t had any. Until then, the stock will be dead money until some big growth catalyst comes along (if at all).

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