• Best in class liquidity (easiest to trade)
  • Well established technology and public interest
  • Provides access to other crypto (common trading pair)


  • Scaling challenges (transactions/second)
  • During times of high activity transaction fees can be relatively high
  • Consumes a significant amount of energy during mining



  • Potential to be the platform for next generation distributed apps (dApps)
  • Well established development community
  • Planned to move to Proof of Stake to reduce energy usage of validation


  • Very large scalability challenge
  • History of problems in some high profile smart contracts/dApps
  • Many competitors with potential to overtake platform



  • Established partnerships with institutions provide potential for large scale adoption
  • Potential to disrupt remittance and international payment markets
  • Better positioned for scalability than other crypto assets


  • Privately controlled coin supply raises questions over inflation
  • Still predominantly centralized validation
  • Partnerships are predominantly in an exploratory phase

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