Legalization has occurred in nine states, with more set to vote in the coming months. While the United States as a whole still views marijuana as illegal, interest in producing products that are infused with cannabis is growing. Investors are looking into the potential market, and most have found ways to invest in the marijuana market as a result.

Almost half of those polled by global strategy and management firm A.T.Kearney indicated an interest in marijuana consumption through food or beverage. The poll covered over 1,000 people in both the US and Canada, where legalization countrywide will be a reality by mid-October 2018. This shows the potential market across two countries, something investors and the big names in both the food and beverage industries are watching closely.

Certain businesses have bucked the norm and are including the new trending ingredient in their menu items, but a lot of places are waiting to see what the final legal rulings will be, even in those states who have crossed the hurdle of legalization of recreational marijuana use.

Those who want an idea of what their investment will look like in beverage form can take a trip to Queens, NY, where a cocktail bar called Adriaen Block’s has a variety of beverage options on their menu. Their beverages are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and for those who want to see what food items will taste like, certain sauces and even whipped cream on the menu include THC.

The cocktail bar offers specific cocktails crafted around the CBD, or guests can have CBD oil added, via eyedropper, to their preferred drink. A favourable response to this venue could mean significant support for other facilities as they open across the US.

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