In the past two decades, extensive research has been directed towards medical marijuana. As results build the consensus around the value of medical use of marijuana continues to grow, as does the size of the industry.

Individuals struggling with symptoms ranging from anxiety to seizures are being enlightened on the potential benefit of utilizing the treatments, hence their growing popularity both within the U.S. and abroad.

Zion Market research expects to see the global medical marijuana market reach a value of $40.9 billion by 2024. This may be due to the fact countries around the world are expected to adopt legalization related to medical marijuana use.

Currently, Spain, Chile, Columbia, the Czech Republic and Canada have all allowed citizens to use medical marijuana. Canada has taken that one step forward and legalized recreational use as well, although each province was free to set its own stipulations for growth, use and possession regarding marijuana for adults at a province-specified age.

Recent medical studies have shown that medical marijuana use helps with nausea related to cancer and treatments and also supports and strengthens the process of synergy within the body, thereby helping improve the overall impact of conventional treatment.

Meanwhile, studies on CBD and glaucoma are showing that while THC has been proven to help treat glaucoma the same cannot be said for CBD. In fact, CBD can inhibit the full potential of THC as a method to address glaucoma’s continuous damage to the eye. Studies on autism and cannabis show that the use of cannabis can help children who struggle with autism, providing a method of addressing the excess cannabinoid receptors that are loose within the individual’s system.

Investment firms have seen the progress and have taken steps to benefit from the increasing trend towards both medical marijuana and legalization of recreational use, as they begin to find worthwhile investments within the industry’s businesses. This is a welcome situation for said businesses, as the overall outlook for financial institutions is hesitance to work with marijuana-related business. This limits loan opportunities and requires the business to pay everything from payroll to quarterly taxes using cash they must keep available.

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