Grizzle had the pleasure of interviewing the inspiring King Randall, Founder of The X for Boys in Albany, Georgia. 


Albany is the most dangerous metro area in Georgia with a violent crime rate of 735 incidents per 100,000 residents and a homicide rate more than double the U.S. per capita average.

At 19 years old he started the X for Boys in his own home, he took in at risk youth from his community to teach them real life skills. It started out as a summer camp out of his house for 20 boys, teaching them how to change oil on cars, change brakes, painting, home repair and plumbing.

The program has been incredibly successful and has a 0% recidivism rate, children that have been sent to the X for Boys from juvenile jail they have no children return back to jail after going through King’s program.

The X for Boys is currently in the process of securing a property in Albany for a full-time school.

King Randall is doing amazing work, to support his program please donate on his website:

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